National Postal Museum

National Postal Museum

 Opening to the Public on 28th July 2017

An exciting evening of celebrations Thursday 29th June as the National Postal Museum had its official opening. Aivaf Ltd is very proud to have provided all of the exciting interactive exhibits for both sites at Calthorpe House and the underground Mail Rail.

These included a fully working pneumatic Tube delivery system that runs the length of the building allowing visitors to send written message to each other and a Travelling Post Office where you must sort all the letters with the confusion of a moving floor against the clock and your opponent

The exhibits and Interactive look fantastic and all of the visitors and VIP’s had an absolute fun time.


Aivaf is privileged to have also won a contract with Bristol Aerospace Museum for new interactive.

Watch this space 😉


Another new contract developed at the Royal ALberta Museum in Canada. Due for installation this November!

National Army Museum

Check out our exhibits at the National Army Museum in Chelsea by clicking on our portfolio.


Following the completion of a New Grain Pit Exhibition in Beijing.
Aivaf are so happy to have signed a new contract with The Star Group to work in Shandong Science Centre.