Video Links

Here are a selection of videos showcasing our Amazing Exhibitions

Bluebell Railway – Steam works

Aivaf are very proud to have created along with Richard Fowler this wonderful new exhibition.

National Football Museum

Take a tour around the national football museum and see a range of exhinbits which Aivaf built, including all the interactive screens you see being used by the guests. Also you can see a better view of the penalty shoot out exhibit being used. All of the different games and screens that you can see being used are our interactive exhibits made by our Aivaf team in Sheffield.

Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum

Take a walk around museum with the curator of WLTM, Honor Godfrey, and you’ll see an array of different touch screen exhibits designed and built by Aivaf. Especially after the 30 seconds intro of the video you will get to see them in action.

National Museum of Scotland

We have done a lot of for NMS in the past, you can see in this clip the Human Energy Wheel being demonstrated by a visitor of the museum. Also kids having with the elasticity dome. Many different Interactives exhibits to get hands on with, so visitors can really get involved, not just for kids but adults too.

National Museum of Scotland

Here you can take a tour around the Museum and spot some of our interactive exhibits along the way, for example; weighing yourself next to some of the most wonderful animals in the world to see how you compare and trying to work out which skin belongs to which animal by feeling it but not seeing it

National Football Museum

Watch HRH Prince William have a kick about on our exhibit made by our talented team here at Aivaf.