Solar Powered Post

Introducing the aivaf solar powered audio post.

A specially designed interactive information centre that can deliver pre recorded sound samples to even the remotest of locations.This tried and tested unit is specifically designed to withstand the harshest of British weather.This fully versatile unit requires no maintenance and will run 365 days a year.

solar_post1 The front panel is constructed from laser cut anodised aluminum designed to withstand the harshest of environments. With the photo etched front panel virtually any design can be added to the plate.
solar_post2 Fully weatherproof loudspeaker. The unit can have up to 6 different audio clips. These can be different sound samples or a single audio clip can be played in several different languages. A sensor located in the main body of the unit attracts passers by and encourages interaction.
solar_post3 The unit is completely self powered requiring no external wiring, this allows it to be situated in the most isolated locations. It comes complete with a battery back up system enabling use in the dark.

Solar powered posts on location

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Natures World Rother Valley Country Park Living Coasts Torquay Living Coasts Torquay Wooden Solar Post

The post can be provided in two different formats, either a single message post or a multi message unit. Both units are designed to provide audio, be it speech, music or nature sound the choice is determined by the customer.

Ideal locations include Castle grounds, Country Parks, Nature Reserves and theme parks