Frequently asked questions

  1. Who comes up with the idea and design for the exhibit?

This is dependent on the project and who is involved. aivaf works both with design agencies that have a concept which need developing into a working exhibit and direct with the client team that have simple brief for the gallery.

  1. We are a small museum with a limited budget, what can you do for us?

Having looked at your budget and your in house team we will advise you what will be the best approach to cover the subject matter. It’s important that the budget is used wisely we would recommend that it is spread across a number of smaller items instead of being spent on one large piece.

  1. What size projects do you work on?

Aivaf works on all sizes of projects from £500 to £1,000 000

  1. Do you install all of the exhibits?

Aivaf has a fully qualified site team and is a platinum awarded CSCS company, with the ability to work closely with all types of building contractor. However it works outs more economical for the client to fit the simpler displays

  1. What is the strangest exhibit that you have produced?

We have worked on many unusual displays, from a full size replica of a sarsen stone found at Stonehenge through to a 3 story high hydrocracker interactive.

  1. Do your products come with a warranty?

Everything aivaf produces comes with a 12 month warranty as standard.

  1. What happens after the warranty expires?

Aivaf offers an extended warranty if the client requires. However we will always support the client if they need any assistance. We keep records on all of our products for at least for 10 years.

  1. Do you supply spares?

We can supply spares if required but we give the suppliers details within the O&M manual so the client can go direct.

  1. Where have you worked?

The company has worked across the globe, in such places as North America, Malaysia, Kuwait, China and across Europe.

  1. Do you solely work in the heritage sector?

No, aivaf works in many sectors. If the customer requires something specialist designed and built then aivaf is the place. We have produced many displays for large events and Blue Chip companies.

  1. Will you build us exactly what we want?

Not always. If the proposal is unsafe, or likely not to work then we will advise that it should not be produced and turn down the work.

  1. How long does the normal project take to design and build?

There isn’t such a thing as a normal project and it is very dependent on our workload. We will always give an honest opinion on the timescale and will not undertake any work if we cannot meet the deadline.