Flaxmill Maltings Shrewsbury

Aivaf worked with design company Mather & Co on a new project the Mill at Flaxmill Maltings. The exhibition is now open showcasing the history of this incredible site.

Eureka Science Discovery Centre in Liverpool

Our latest project Eureka Science Discovery Centre in Liverpool is now open!!!!

4 Amazing new galleries of Interactives created by our talented team

Science Fiction Exhibition Science Museum London

Aivaf are extremely proud to be part of the amazing team that helped deliver the new science fiction exhibition at the science museum in London.

Aivaf’s role was to design and fabricate all of the scenic elements to accompany the intriguing artefacts and information. These included an amazing 9 meter wide observation deck with a 4K projection screen, a 4 meter high interactive energy core and an array of alien rock formations. All produced within an extremely tight deadline of 16 weeks from concept to completion.

Manchester Science and Industry Museum

Manchester Science and Industry Museum’s Refurbished ‘Experiment’ Gallery is now open to the public.

Working closely with the in house exhibitions design team, aivaf produced a range of new hands on interactives and also brought exiting interactives back to life.

Experience Heat Vision with the thermal camera, play with the magnetic art and throw some shapes or tell stories with the shadow wall!

Olympian Exhibition

Become an Olympian Exhibition

Thrilled to announce that we are creating the new “Become an Olympian Exhibition” at the Athens Olympic Museum working with Lambda Leisure, due to open in Spring 2022

Eureka Science + Discovery

We are absolutely thrilled to be the Sole Interactive Contractor for this amazing new project. When Eureka Science + Discovery opens in 2022 it will be exactly 30 years since Aivaf worked on our first major project Eureka! National Children’s Museum Halifax in July 1992, where many items still remain providing generations of children with amazing times and memories. This new journey has just begun and our team are excited to be a part of creating this wonderful experience of Science and Discovery.

Armagh Observatory and Planetarium

Designed, fabricated and installed in less than 4 months an exhibition for the Armagh Observatory and Planetarium; The oldest planetarium in the UK.

Working with The Workhaus the exhibits look at the properties of the planets in our solar system and the development of the telescope.

Barbados Children’s Museum

Aivaf are incredibly proud to announce the opening of the Barbados Children’s Museum; Explore – The first museum of its type throughout the Caribbean.

We were responsible for supplying all elements of the project including cabinets, hands on interactivity, Audio Visual and graphics working with Qualia Design. Built in our workshops, transported and fitted by our talented team; The local children were excited and a little overwhelmed by the interactivity. We hope this is the first of many centres designed to provide educational fun right across the Caribbean.

Children’s Adventureland Athens

Aivaf have recently completed the first stage of a new Science Centre & Children’s Adventureland in the prestigious Golden Hall Mall in Athens.

Working in partnership with The Workhaus, we are proud to have delivered a large suite of interactives in a very short period of time for Lambda Developments.

Phase Two is now underway and is expected to be installed and opened by March 2020.

Chester Zoo

Aivaf worked alongside the zoo’s in house design team to create a suit of exhibits to help visitors understand the difference between different types of Lions. Chester Zoo has a pride of

Asiatic Lions which are slightly smaller than African Lions and only live in one location in India called the Gir Forest, living side by side with Humans.